Victoria Beckham And Her Matching Men Hit The Airport

June 7th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

It’s no secret that Victoria Beckham likes to travel in tall shoes, and traveling out of LAX on Saturday (June 5) with three boys to manage was no exception.

While some of us like to maximize comfort and minimize complications on airport days (it’s slip ons and carry ons only for this girl) the fashionista has taken the time to match her mini dress to the signature Louboutin bottoms of her lace up, peep toe booties. Ah, to have that kind of vanity energy….

Her boys have picked up the habit, er, two of them have. Cruz and Romeo Beckham wore matching ensembles with plaid shirts, hats and sunglasses while Brooklyn was having none of this dress up business.

Meanwhile hubby David Beckham accompanying his team in South Africa for the World Cup, despite being too injured to play. That’s got to be hard. You know what else is hard? Trying to use your soccer star spokesman in a commercial for the World Cup when he’s not playing. Adidas got creative and continued their campaign inspired by Star Wars and created a storyline around Jaba the Hut trying to recruit Beckham.

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By Madison Ventura

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