Marc Jacobs Turns To Outer Space For His New Marketing Campaign

October 18th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Victoria Beckham might be landing her spaceship and shilling clothes for Marc Jacobs. Marc tends to pick the wacky ones for his shots. What’s this Flashdance thing she’s doing here?

Victoria Beckham may have received bad press after her publicity antics during Paris Fashion Week, but she may be having the last laugh. The newly reunited singer of the Spice Girls is rumoured to befeatured in the Marc Jacobs advertising campaign for next season.

The eponymous ads, which are photographed by Juergen Teller, feature celebrities in paradoxical poses, often with a sense of humour. Former celebs inclue Winona Ryder (after her infamous shoplifting incident), Rachel Feinstein and Sofia Coppola.

Victoria Beckham would gain incredible kudos by featuring in Jacobs’ ads, which are often seen as the forefront of fashion advertising. The images appear bleached out, grungy and un-retouched. Models are usually covered up, unlike Ms Beckham who is not shy when it comes to self revelation.

Marc also had Michael Stipe pose shirtless for his last campaign. and nothing makes me want to buy clothes more than cadavers with piercing eyes. He looked like he’d been to the gift shop at Dachau.


More photos of Victoria Beckham and the kids at Mel’s Diner are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. peachpie

    “…unlike Ms Beckham who is not shy when it comes to self revelation.”

    wha? i don’t think i’ve ever seen a pic of her private bits. she seems outlandish in her fashion choices, yes… but self revelation? maybe the author classifies her sometimes-ho’ish clothing in this category. i’m pretty sure that we will NEVER see posh’s bits…. and i’m good with that. nice change, doncha think? *ahem britparislilo* she’s just not the type.

  2. Ugh

    I think she’s cute and her kids are adorable, especially that little one with her.

  3. green cardigan

    unlike Ms Beckham who is not shy when it comes to self revelation.
    that should read ‘self promotion’.

    But you know, she’s not the worst. She doesn’t pretend to be Mother Theresa, she has 3 lovely children and she’s married 10 years. She is well mannered if a little dim, but that isn’t a hanging offense.

    I wish she’d eat more though. What a joyless existence, not to eat (by choice). I always think of Stick Insect from the Adrain Mole books (his Dad’s ultra skinny, chain smoking, coffee swilling girlfriend) when I see photos of her.

  4. bite me

    and a husband that cheats on her

  5. green cardigan

    yeah, that’s the elephant in the room. He definitely has cheated on her more than once. She has stood by him though, and never said a bad word against him. She must be a pretty strong woman.

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