Victoria Beckham Would Be Happy as Poor Spice as Long as She Had David

June 13th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Victoria Beckham recently told OK! Magazine that her love for David extends far beyond her affection for the lavish lifestyle their union has afforded her. More than being famous, or having ridiculous piles of money, Victoria expressed the sentiment that her husband is her most prized asset:

“I can’t do without love. I would rather live in a council flat with David than in Beckingham Palace without him.”

Girl, I feel that. I mean, I’m OK with dating a man with no money–I have no problem working three jobs to pay the rent, if need be. But I seriously can’t skimp on the hotness. As my mother likes to say, “You have to understand, I’m used to ‘very cute.’”

More photos of Victoria Beckham throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers after the jump.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    Seriously, get a load of the runners she has on. Did she rob them from Baby Spice?

    She is really trying to reinvent herself to appeal to the American market, the blond hair, the orange tan and the shit eating grin.
    Go Californian Spice !

    And I can just picture her in a council flat, tracksuit, ponytail and high heeled runners, with Daaaaavid slobbed out in front of the TV watching the footie in his vest, with a can of Carling balanced on his beer gut.

  2. CarrieFever

    call me crazy but i believe her you’ll may not know this but this is their second go at reality t.v. they did a reality show when david moved to real madrid from england its on youTube and she is really funny and bubbly i was was shocked to see that side of her anyhow…sorry i got lost for a second i believe her because her husband is total hotness!!!!

  3. So-So

    “Beckingham Palace”? Did Posh mean Buckingham Palace or was she trying to make a play on words with her last name?

    This woman is a freak.

  4. green cardigan

    Their mansion in England was dubbed Beckingham Palace by the media (as a play on Buckingham Palace), and obviously Posh believes her own hype

  5. green cardigan

    Their mansion in England was dubbed Beckingham Palace by the media (as a play on Buckingham Palace), and obviously Posh believes her own hype

  6. Mr. T

    Insert celebrity sound bite here, pause, choke. Move on.

  7. Lollie

    Hell, I wouldnt mind being poor if I woke up to david Beckham every day either. I would just hope I didnt have a snout like Posh’s.

  8. Persistent Cat

    And she managed to say that with a straight face? Ok yeah, he’s total hotness but he’s stupid. The hot gets less hot after awhile when he doesn’t have people to make sure he doesn’t stick his tongue in the toaster.

  9. nanc'

    I don’t know…I’ve been married to poor, total hottness (“professional student”) and not-so-hot money-maker. Neither makes for a good situation. Hold-out for hard-working and fairly hot. That’s a good mix.

  10. Posh is in love

    That was a lovely thing to say about her husband. She adores him and he knows it. He’s not going anywhere. That’s why she constantly keeps herself up. It’s for David. Must be working.

  11. lkanony

    O.K….not saying that I doubt her by any means, but I certainly wouldn’t take her for stupid. Why would she say anything BUT what she said? I mean how smart would she be if she just gushed over her lifestyle her husband has allotted her/provided for her and not acknowledge HIM the man, her husband? She would come off as what everyone (as in tabloids and naysayers) has been saying about her SINCE their union….gold digging, taking advantage of her husband, excessively vain and only cares about shopping and not her marriage, developed an eating disorder only to fit into sample size fashions, “too posh to push”…on and on and on. So….it’s funny that people would pose such questions even for an everyday/(read non-celebrity) couple, let alone media asking such questions to someone who is ALWAYS in the PUBLIC eye. What sort of impression would she make?

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