Victoria Beckham’s Head Wants To Be Taken To Your Leader

Jesus, I feel so much better now. It always wounded me because the only hat I can wear is a size XXL scalley cap. Then I saw this photo. Victoria Beckham’s head has it’s own gravitational pull. It’s eclipsing the sun, and we’re soon to have another Ice Age! James Van Der Beek was able to stop going to therapy about his!

Now that we’ve noted that, let’s move on to chat about Posh Spice’s denim line, dVb. A tabloid reported that dVb was going to be discontinued at Los Angeles stores Kitson and Fred Segal because of poor sales. That couldn’t be further from the truth says Kitson owner Fraser Ross!

“The rumours are ridiculous — Kitson is extremely proud to be selling dVb by Victoria Beckham,” Ross stated. “We are fully committed to the dVb collection and our customers and Victoria’s fans ask for it daily. I’ve seen next season’s collection and I can’t wait to get it in-store, especially the new dVb men’s collection, launching in September.”

Hopefully the ads aren’t as creepy as this one that she did for Marc Jacobs. Well, if I begin starving myself now, I should be able to fit one of my calves into those come the new school year. Note that she’s not making hats. Asia wasn’t willing to part with that much gross national product to create hats to fit her giant melon.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN