Victoria Beckham And Katie Holmes Bury The Hatchet Over The Anorexia Nervosa Special

April 3rd, 2008 // 10 Comments

I thought these hos were feuding? Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham had dinner together at Madeo restaurant in LA. There were some reports lately that there was some static between the two, but I guess they got past it.

Oh, and guess what they ordered? The split a meal meant for one person, including a salad sans dressing, one piece of steamed fish, and a side of spinach. Is this LA or Dachau? Are you kidding me? How do these women not collapse from malnutrition? Maybe Katie wasn’t faking those fainting spells after all. No wonder why she’s collapsing against cars and having to be held up by bodyguards. She’s starving herself.

Though if this kind of dining was what allowed Victoria to fit into the skintight leather trousers, I say go for it. It’s fashion!

Oh, and they also split one Coke (you need some sugar) over two glasses of ice and mixed them with bottled water. This sounds like something they made us watch in Health class in high school about the pretty cheerleader who was ashamed of her curves and ended up in the clinic trying to pull her feeding tube out.

Photos: WENN

More photos of a hungry-looking Victoria Beckham after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. sandy

    I honestly don’t understand the appeal of either of these two freaks. Vic still has a pig nose and Katie still has rat teeth. They don’t promote anything edifying for anyone. It’s all about them.
    Katie is just a sad little girl who married a whacked-out nutjob. And Vic just plays princess. They are really kind of pathetic. Even in her freakiness, at least Angelina tries to do something good for someone.

  2. the wza

    “Is this LA or Dachau?”
    Oh J. Harvey, you’re hilarious.

  3. Linda Lowe

    Most rumours are rubbish anyway, they probably didn’t have a ‘feud’, it sounded like an April Fools.

    And many people share a meal, especially girlfriends, hardly a big deal.

  4. dee

    Oh, hi Linda, let me get you the number of the anorexia nervosa helpline.

    I share with my girlfriends a dinner platter, not three leaves of greens.

  5. Jeanie

    OMG. I have a friend who eats like this and it’s really annoying. I feel like a pig eating with her. She’s built like VB too. She’s skinny, but totally out of shape. That’s probably why VB never smiles. She’s hungry and grouchy!!

  6. peachykeen

    Hey, Linda Lowe…do you *always* miss the point so spectacularly?????

  7. Lullaby

    Dee and peachy, are you overweight?

    I hear you Linda-want to go to lunch?

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