Victoria Beckham’s Nipples Report For Duty

April 30th, 2007 // 5 Comments

I’m assuming that either one of two things are going on here:

1) Either Victoria’s nipples are cramming by finals and have been living off Red Bulls and espresso beans for the past two days,…

2) …or they are recognizing her status as an officer (which I’m surmising from her official-looking, black ensemble and leather hat) in the Dominatrix Army, and are saluting her.

Oh yeah, or I guess she could just be cold. Seriously, this woman’s battery should be dead from all the times I’ve seen her out and about with her headlights running unnecessarily. And that would be a ridiculous statement for me to make, if we didn’t all know that she’s a fembot.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. My take on wearing golden leggings with casual outfits, everyday:
    Thanks, have a great day!

  2. tee

    It looks as if shes got electrical tape holding them in place! whats with the gray tape behind them?

  3. -A

    I swear the god, when her plastic surgeon poped those babies in his exact words were “They’re ALIVE! ALIVE!!!” Seriously, damn. She needs a warning label “Dangerous, may poke your eye out from across the room” Or a jacket, girlfriend constantly looks cold. Her reality TV show could be on the weather channel. We can all tell the temprature is dropping when you see those things pop up.

  4. joan durtz

    She’s such a joke.

  5. silvarga

    So wait, Tom Sederburg has nothing to say about this?

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