Victoria Beckham Invites The Cameltoe Over

March 26th, 2008 // 5 Comments

I swear this broad came straight outta Karl Lagerfeld’s vagine. Here’s fashion icon and soon-to-be-cameltoe-sufferer Victoria Beckham with her ass squeezed into the tightest trousers she could find! She had her husband David Beckham shoehorn her into those. She’s sipped one Diet Coke for nutrition this month and that’s it. She starved so that she could fit into them.

“Mummy’s ok, just a little light-headed, dears. But my arse looks fabulous in these, doesn’t it? Bloody hell, my pelvic bone’s in the way! *CRACK* All better!”

Posh Spice was in London to support Becks as he plays in a friendly competition against France. Posh reportedly had to raise her caloric intake (some lettuce foam and a cracker) for the Spice Girls tour. She’s supposedly just eating strawberries and prawns now. There has to be some kind of diet guru bullshit artist in Beverly Hills benefiting from celebrity stupidity. It’s probably a family business.


9 more photos of Victoria Beckham and her leather pants after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Tanya

    K, I looked for zippers, velcro, laces, anything that would explain how the hell she got those things over her ankles!!! I got nothin.

    I’m convinced there’s a demon who’s sole purpose in Hell is to collect fashion whore’s souls for Satan in return for mortal fabulousness.


  2. Stu

    How does she even find pants that are tight for her? How?????

  3. Persistent Cat

    Wow, if she had panty lines and those were pleather, she’d look like most of the secretaries at my work.

  4. Life

    eeewwhh! Her camel toe looks more like goat hooves!!!

  5. MissyL

    Dont look for zippers & lace …. those are leggings. Really expensive one but American Apparel are carrying a version (high waisted) for around 50$. Pure pleather. Hope this helps, if you like the look, like I do.

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