Victoria Beckham Shows Off Her Adorable Spawn

Victoria Beckham probably agonized over her outfit, from the red pumps to the red purse and the scarf around her neck, when the most fetching accessory on her person is that adorable child on her hand. How cute is little Cruz Beckham? And then, when she decks him out in his stripey hat and scarf ensemble, complete with what looks like his dad’s tie, it’s almost over-kill, he’s so cute.

The two of them are spending a day together at FAO Schwarz, as well as Dylan’s Candy Bar. I actually really do like Victoria’s outfit here–the skirt length is working for her, even the high-waitstedness of it. There’s not strange, alien-looking cleavage, but seriously, Cruz is totally what makes her outfit.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN