Victoria Beckham Shows Them Off

November 17th, 2005 // 9 Comments

It’s her “look at my tits top.” There really is nothing left to the imagination here. However, it does warm my heart knowing that they are plastic.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mutterhals

    Why is she so greasy? She’s like a Thanksgiving ham. Don’t they have some kind of designer bag she can wear over her leather face?

  2. shensee0319

    With all that money spent on plastic surgery, she couldn’t do anything about that face? Gawd she’s ugly. And can’t the woman buy a bra so we don’t have to look at those saucer sized nipples?

  3. Why the %&*@ did Beckham find this irresistible?
    She looks like the walking dead.
    Except even the walking dead would have better boob jobs than this.

  4. tocutetoscoot

    Skinny Mess!

  5. tocutetoscoot

    Skinny Mess!

  6. Focusedactress

    Mrs. David Beckham can do no wrong!!!


  7. Those pictures are old!!!

  8. Mac Grurry

    She is Wrong. i thought this site was talking about boobs……..

  9. heather

    im not an expert on plastic surgery so how exactly can u tell they are fake!?

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