Victoria Beckham’s Got Balls

October 23rd, 2005 // 13 Comments

Lots and lots of balls. Just hideous.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Life Of the Party

    Is it a tumor?? or giant body acne

  2. chicakms

    Oh my god who in their right mind would buy that? I wouldn’t wear that if it were free!

    Anyone who is a product of the 80′s will know what i’m talking about it looks like she’s being attacked by Popples.

  3. Brian

    It’s new body armour for women with 0 percent body fat……..Nicole Richie has hers on order.

  4. Silasdog

    These photos were taken moments after she was pushed into a floral display of mums. The result is now fashion history.

  5. Newsgrrl

    I would have to be blind drunk to wear that… Looks like its made out of plush cat toys gone wild.

  6. Canadian Born

    Interesting, I didn’t know she had more balls than the ones hanging between her legs.

  7. Cynthia

    Looks like she was attacked by a horde of dryer lint!

  8. J&M

    Her husband earns about US$1 million per week. Surely he could afford to get her something that doesn’t make her look like a demented Christmas tree.

  9. JaneSays

    Gawd, I just GUFFAWED at the sight of her in that “thing”! And I NEVER guffaw. My boss thinks I’m certifiable now!

  10. bratbastid

    The flock of no talent hos seems to be multiplying…

  11. cruella_deville

    how many poodles will have to die before we stop this madness??

  12. Kat

    Looking at that sweater is almost as painful as the zillion Botox injections Posh must have had to get her face that waxy-looking.

  13. NikaJ

    I think its original.. So tired at looking at thousands of young girls dressed the same, claming they have style. Style is not what you see, its how you see it. And plus: let people wear whatever they wish for, nobody is forcing it upon any of you…

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