Victoria Beckham Has Never Read A Book

August 15th, 2005 // 14 Comments

Victoria Beckham claims that she has never read a book. She’s apparently been too busy all of her life to read one. Why on earth would anyone ever actually admit to this?

Former Spice Girl singer Victoria Beckham, the wife of England soccer captain David, has confessed she has never read a book. Despite struggling for a hit record for some time, Victoria Beckham said she never had a spare moment to leaf through anything more challenging than fashion magazines.

The Sunday Mirror newspaper revealed the shock admission after seeing a forthcoming edition of high society magazine Chic. The confession is all the more startling given that it would appear to include her own autobiography, Learning to Fly, and that of her husband, My Side.

“I haven’t read a book in my life. I haven’t got enough time. I prefer to listen to music, although I do love fashion magazines,” she was quoted as saying.

I’m assuming she must be incredibly stupid.

Posh’s book boast [The Age]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cynthia

    This surprises me none at all. It is a well known fact that both the Beckhams are dumber than a box of rocks. Too bad stupid people are put up on pedestals to be admired for their looks instead of their intelligence.

  2. doofus

    I’m with you, miu…why would anyone admit to that?

    “never had a spare moment”? I think Donald Trump is pretty busy, but I KNOW he reads books. ditto for most the U.S. Presidents, and plenty of other actors and musicians.

    she’s just plain old DUMB. which means beckham is pretty dumb too, because you don’t put up with such stupidity for very long unless you are just as stupid.

  3. Style Girl

    should we be surprised?

  4. Kat

    She doesn’t look too busy in that picture… Course I’m no expert on the lives of people whose careers consist of looking pissed off when people take their pictures and being married to someone infinitely more talented than you… Maybe she could hit the library next time she’s waiting for her collagen to heal though.

  5. Brian

    Maybe in a few more years one of her kids can help her finish “see spot run” or if that’s too tough for her,maybe “green eggs and ham”.

  6. The poor children are probably retarded.

  7. Badger

    She apparently hasn’t ever eaten a meal, either. Perhaps the hunger pangs keep her from concentrating on the written word.

  8. mint

    He may be beautiful but he’s not too sharp, either. When asked if he was a “volatile” player, he answered that he could play on the left, the right, and the centre.

  9. raevee nyc

    honestly… is anyone REALLY surprised by this, atleast she’s honest.

  10. Defender

    Guys, leave Victoria Beckham alone. I don’t think she’s stupid at all!! Just because you don’t read books doesn’t mean you’re stupid, she has practical experience in performing arts and communication skills she has learned from her job. If she worked on her reading skills she’ll probably kick all your asses in this forum. She’s just lazy.

    Bill Gates did not complete university, does that mean he is a retard compared to university graduates???

    You guys should shut the fuck up!! Now I understand why celebrities hate the papparazzi– pictures and gossip columns are really getting celebrities depressed about spreading rumors about their own personal life.

    SO WHAT IF SHE DOESN’T READ!! That’s amazing for someone to become soo wealthy for not reading.

  11. Scaramouche

    Lazy and ignorant to boot.
    Practical experience in performing arts, well she was a ‘singer’ in a band and had a manager to keep her employed. Absolutely anyone can do that.
    She is a shallow, spoiled brat. Why should money be an excuse for not bettering yourself?
    Oh well, Posh can keep her millions. I’m going to go read the Chronicles of Clovis.

  12. Liz

    Oh yeah, she must be busy. Her work is to be married to a famous football player, and to look sexy.
    No wonder she doesn’t get any time to read books.

    But on the other hand, she’s got pleeenty of time to brag about this!

  13. Big deal, So she doesn’t read books. I’m sure you all are great book readers but who really cares. Just because someone doesn’t read books doesn’t mean their stupid. Victoria probally reads more than any of you, it’s just not books. Personally I don’t read books either but I read all day long with work contracts and internet surfing I read more now then ever but I also don’t read “books”
    While your reading that great book Victoria has been reading million dollar contracts. so who’s the stupid one. Must be you wasting your time on a book while all the real people are making money and News.

  14. doobydoobydoo

    how the hell did she ever finish school? You absolutely HAVE to read at least a few books to finish school.. so she is either lying about never reading, read a few books but forgot, or got through school on sexual favors.. Well.. this is, of course, assume she actual did make it through school.. Maybe she didn’t?

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