Victoria Beckham Is Russian GQ’s Cover Girl

February 8th, 2006 // 23 Comments

While Victoria Beckham is posing for Russian GQ, Calvin Klein is pursuing David Beckham to pose in his undies. Say yes!

The soccer ace was allegedly approached by Calvin Klein after it was revealed he gets through dozens of their underpants every month. A source from the fashion house told Britain’s The People newspaper: “We have made a bid. He wants to do a photo shoot and now it’s just finding the time to tie up loose ends.

“We know he wears two pairs a day as he sends them to him.” A spokesman for the athlete, who is married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, confirmed: “We have heard they want him but we have not received a firm offer as yet.”

Last month it was claimed David spends a staggering £1000 a month on pants. The dad-of-three allegedly splashes out hundreds of pounds on underwear every fortnight because he never wears the same pair twice.

More photos of Victoria Beckham in Russian GQ, after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

Beckham to star in underwear campaign []

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cheesy

    I just have to ask the question:

    Would anyone that actually finds Posh attractive in the least bit please identify yourself? I’ve never found anyone that thought she could sing or even appear attractive.

  2. LeAnne

    It Screams TRANNY!!!!

  3. Who the hell would’ve guessed a Russian GQ existed???

  4. Fugly Girl

    Oh look, Russian GQ features livestock on their covers.

    And Amen Jacko, last I heard Russians didn’t have two nickels to rub together much less extra cash for magazines.

  5. Do

    Ok she’s not the most beautiful person in the world.But does everyone who’s famous doesnt have to be cookie cutter goodlooking. I mean Rachel Bilson and Milas Kunis are almost twins! Variety is the spice of life

  6. Wat Da Fuc

    Wat Are You sayin fugly girl(probably tru)Russians are not poor if u ever been there, so.. u would’nt kno and they have very rich people there and what da fuck, they cant afford magazines,do u even kno wat ur sayin they make money off them.Slut

  7. LuLu

    Call me crazy, but I do think Victoria Beckham is pretty. Her looks seem to be the only thing going for her though; she can’t sing or act really. I like her style; it’s classic and timeless kind of. She is prettier than Sienna Miller, that’s for sure.

  8. NOra Roberts

    I can’t look past that snout that is supposed to pass for a nose and her perma-scowl to appreciate any of the dubious charms that Posh might possess. Her head is too large for her too-skinny frame so much so that it makes her resemble a skeleton with a jacko’lantern on her head. Either that, or she was the inspiration for the title character in that Tim Burton animated movie, the “Corpse Bride!”

    But never mind that. What the f*ck is up with Beckham and his underwear fetish? I can think of only one reason that a man would need to toss out his boxers or briefs after only one use and it’s too disgusting to contemplate!

    Besides, woman are the ones who need to replace their panties on a regular basis because it’s hell trying to remove those bloodstains from when the Crimson Tide arrives unexpectedly….

  9. Passport Junkie

    Fugly Girl? Just wondering, what level is your education?

  10. doofus

    livestock! yer killin’ me!

    pretty? that pig-nose and leather skin pretty much take the description of “pretty” off the table when it comes to posh.

    to Nora…when you say “too disgusting to contemplate”, I’m assuming that you mean (yes, I’ll say it) skid marks.

    there is another reason he’d need to change so often, and that is there’s a different body secretion on those shorts…and maybe not his.

  11. timmons622

    Why is her head always crooked? It’s like she took ONE CUTE PICTURE 15 years ago with her head cocked a little and made that her “signature look.” In some pics it’s so far cocked it looks horizonal. My friends & I have called her Crooked-Head Posh since “Wannabe!!!”

  12. mi

    I think Posh is very beautiful.

  13. Emma in London

    Someone give the girl a meal and tell her hubby it’s time to come out the closet

  14. Nina

    Look, it’s that illiterate, classless, anorexic, plastic tit piece of excrement who’s soooo proud of never having read a book in her life! Yeuch.

  15. Silasdog

    Nina, Doofus, thanks! I’ll say this, posh-snout has one helluva management team. Really, she is nothing to look at (nada, zip, nyet-o), but she keeps getting modeling work. So what’s up with that?

  16. Vatel

    Yeah, we have money for magazines, we have food and computers and (what a shocker!) internet access! And if you didn’t know there are no bears wondering streets down here in Russia. Watch some news, read some books and learn the world history, then talk, ok?

    And Victoria is gorgeous.

  17. Ipanemagirl

    Thank God, I have found other people who don’t find her attractive…. I Thought I was going insane.. people would always look at me as if I was secretly jealous of her beauty if I made any comments on her ugliness… I mean, even some pretty ordinary borderline ugly people look good in these high fashion magazines

  18. Sophia

    You all are gay. Victoria is hot and sexy. and fugly girl, your comment on russians is fucking stupid. stupid bitch, you think that other places around the world aren’t as rich as say the stupid states or england? youre dumb. people all over have fucking a lot of money. even in poor countries there are people with A LOT of money. youre so dumb its annoying.

    and shut it losers, you WISH you looked like victoria or david, and u wish u had their lives. and u wish u were f’ing david or victoria!!!!!!!!

  19. s13th

    ur right sophia..

    it’s sickening how narrrow minded some people could be..

    ..and i love posh! she’s the best!

  20. MCB

    Okay, as anyone else attributed the fact that he never wears the same pair more than once because he doesn’t trust posh to keep his whites truly white ;)

  21. Venus

    Posh looks great. Why doesn’t anyone comment on the fact that her husband is a tramp? Anyhow, I don’t know what I would like if I was in a magazine. What would you look like?

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