Victoria Beckham On The Runway

January 18th, 2006 // 32 Comments

Victoria Beckham stole the spotlight on the runway at the Roberto Cavalli menswear show. When doesn’t Victoria Beckham steal the spotlight? She craves the spotlight. She’ll do anything to be in the spotlight.

The chisel-jawed hunks gracing the catwalk at Milan Menswear Week would have been forgiven for feeling a little flustered after Victoria Beckham took to the runway alongside them in a stunning Roberto Cavalli gown. Showing off her perfect pins in a flowing white chiffon number which was slashed to the hip, the mother-of-three made light work of stealing the show from her male counterparts.

A standing ovation greeted the former Spice Girl when she emerged, albeit somewhat cautiously, onto the flamboyant designer’s carpeted runway. “I was so happy to accept Roberto’s invitation because I love him and his clothes,” said the 31-year-old. “Celebrities certainly work for fashion because people identify with them.”

More photos of Victoria Beckham on the runway after the jump.

Victoria Steals The Show From Cavalli’s Men [Hello!]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    She looks like she has a stack of books on her head!concentrate Mrs B concentrate put your left leg before your right one…..right before your left……now repeat

  2. honeypeach

    She looks like a Fembot :-/

  3. Lisa

    What the hell is the matter with these celebrities? Victoria, Paris, Lindsay, Jessica, Nicole, the list goes on and on!!!

    You don’t look good, in fact, you look trashy! Whatever happened to glamour and class?

  4. jenn

    Her face looks older than 31…

  5. prtyprincess

    I am sorry butLisa I think you are wrong. The lovely Mrs. Beckham is the epitome of class. She is not parading around in some white trailer trash outfit and always looks very poised. The only people that hate her are the people who are jealous. So I ask…..

    Are you?

  6. timmons622

    She went from being Most Useless Spice Girl to Most Useless Has Been. (And I was a fan!) I can’t believe she’s even considered newsworthy. Those poor Brits.

  7. Little Mickey

    Has she been embalmed?

  8. doofus

    yes, she’s got nice legs…I’ll give her that. but those implants…ugh! and that pignose, and the leathery skin…

    she looked SO much better in the “before” pics I’ve seen.

  9. Marley

    Has anyone else noticed how ugly she is??? She is not an attrative woman. Hollywood has forced this image on us that a certain type of body makes you beautiful, well she is still a hag. I think she may have been hit in the face with an ugly stick.

  10. Lisa

    I am only jealous that she gets to sleep with David Beckham, not her looks.

    What’s up with stupid screen names like prtyprincess anyway? Shouldn’t you have to be at least 18 to post in here or something?

  11. megarita

    she’s looking more and more like a female impersonator…

  12. lol

    timmons622: ha ha! im a Brit and yes please take pity on us poor rain soaked English folk, not only do we have to contend with Posh and all the other desperate spices and their pathetic attempts to gain some kudos – we also have to put up with YOUR “celebrities” over here on our Celebrity Big Brother shows – “tit for tat mate” as we say

    check out this site for updates on Dennis Rodman and a woman named Traci who used to be in Baywatch

  13. ShoeSlut

    She is ugly as hell and looks like a trannie… Keeping one’s chin up and spine well-aligned does not a classy lady make…

  14. The Mav

    She may not be the prettiest, but she could look worse…can we all say Brittney Spears?

  15. prtyprincess

    Fuck anyone who has said anything about my screen name. And by the way I am 21 yrs old
    And at least I have Friends that give me stupid nicknames, you unoriginal bitch.

  16. Wow, that was mature #15.

    Posh baby looks ok, but the tanning needs to cease a bit and she really should get those boobs looked at, they are WAY out of control.

    She does have some spectacular legs though. I could deal with the nose if she didn’t carry herself like she had a rod shoved up her ass though.

  17. dick

    she is the most disgusting girl have ever seen,she must smell like piss.

  18. Anna

    kinda makes me want to badger pretty princess or party princess or whatever the fuck it is just for the chance that she might once again lash out so eloquently.
    perhaps you should remove your princess panties from their current wad-like state.

    anyway, does this leathery bitch ever smile? every time i’ve seen her, it seems like she’s in scowly Skeletor mode.

  19. flori

    Great legs…of those I AM jealous.

  20. Silasdog

    For her to “steal the show” the show must have been dog-dung to begin with. Give us a break with this greasy faced offspring of Porky Pig. There are hookers in NY and LA that look way better than her.

  21. Victoria Beckham, use to be prettier when she was natural… now she has blond streeks in her hair (nothing against blonds) but it really looks BAD!!! Now her make-up stylist must be effed-up okay… she wears soooo much make-up that her face looks layered, it looks STACKED with tons of blush and powder. She looks more like a late 30′s early 40′s woman. I bet that if she lowered the amount of make-up she puts on her face and leave her hair color brown, she would be so much prettier. Does anybody here agree with me??

  22. jenner

    yowza, prtyprincess! OFFENSE, not DEFENSE,honey!!!! BTW – friends who “give” you stupid nicknames are laughing AT you, they don’t think you’re a cute wittle pwincess….
    ANYHOO on to the topic at hand – yes, she’s trash-tabulous, BUT I (shamefully with head in proper downward position) admit I love her….her music’s shite and she needs to gain about 30 pounds, but man, how can you not love someone who a) gets to bone Beckham (no pun intended) and b) used to be a Spice Girl? Brava, Posh, Brava
    now I’ll shall retreat to my dark shameful cave with my OK! mag….

  23. anon

    I agree, #21. I saw a before picture of her with her natural dark hair and non-tanned skin and she was beautiful!! That’s the posh spiced I loved from 1997!! How come she can’t be that one again??

  24. doofus

    to prtyprincess…if those people are giving you stupid nicknames, they AREN’T your “friends”.

    they’re laughing AT you, not WITH you.

  25. tim

    LOL, I feel your pain. Traci was on a similar US show a couple of years back…NOT a crowd pleaser. Clearly didn’t advance her “career” at all. Check out her Plastic Surgery B&A shots at:

    I checked out that site – good stuff! Peter Burns, still a hot mess, eh?

  26. Bay Girl


    she is a style icon.

    ugly or beautiful, fat or thin has buggarall to do with it

  27. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    She doesn’t smile anymore! I wonder if she is happy!

    Loved her as a Spice Girl…loved those Spice Girls! Sporty aka Mel C. had such a rich voice. Remember Victoria in the Spice Girls Movie where she was trying to decide, “should I wear the li-ul Gucci dress or the li-ul Gucci dress?” So cute.

  28. Hash

    ok, she looks kinda scary in these pics, she’s just trying too hard to get the “model” face, and the leathery skin…. euh…
    But if you see her in paparazzi pics when she’s just out and about, she looks really, really good. Her body (however she has gotten it) is incredible, and she dresses very well. Her face is a little meh, but overall, she’s usually smokin’.

  29. Daniela

    Regardless of what anyone says victoria has achieved so much and looks good for her age and after giving birth to three kids…she may be famous for being a “footballers wife”…but you cant blame her for trying to make a name for herself by at least to have a crack at the fashion world….good on her

  30. CoutureQueen

    I stumbled upon this page on accident scowering the internet for latest r & r crown mini she put out and saw everyone trashing her and making accusations of breast implants which is obviously not true. I just got a new mag in the mail with her on the cover and she’s flat as a board. Actually I think in these pics she’s using chicken cutlets and doubled sided tape which most models use to look more well endowed. I don’t think the tan is real either.. It looks like mystic tan.. the spray on at the salon. As far as Victoria Beckham being “trailor trash”… that could be the farthest from the truth… She’s actually the epitomie of style and sophistication. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in all of these pictures but everyone has their own opinions and what they believe to be “beautiful”

  31. nicole

    victoria is a style icon, bottom line

    i think she looks amazing, gorgeous dress, flowing hair, long, toned legs, pert boobs, she looks sophisicated and classy, she’s not a natural model… but if a normal looking woman can put a pair of high heels and strut down the milan catwalk looking their best …theres hope for all of us. look at her – gisele and naomi dont even get a chance – you go girl!

  32. John Y

    I THINK SHE’S HOT and the DRESS is more than u can afford.. and all this comments from u girls from the farms… take it easy dont be jelous.

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