Victoria Beckham Goes Shopping With Katie Holmes

January 13th, 2006 // 17 Comments

What could they possibly be laughing about. How rich they both are? What Katie’s alien baby is going to look like? How awkward Tom was with the turkey baster?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelsey

    Victoria Beckham is wasting away!

  2. MJ

    Victoria’s head is bigger than her body!! She looks like a freak!

  3. King Smart Ian

    Same shoe place Cameron Diaz was in. Does someone actually stake out a shoe store waiting for celebrities to show up?

  4. Blazer Mary

    It boggles the mind to imagine the stimulating intellecutal discussion going on between these two. Maybe they are discussing the agenda for the next Mensa meeting.

  5. doofus

    how about a new sitcom with those two as stars?

    they can call it “Pignose and Stepford”.

    posh looks like she had her implants removed…looking kind of flat in those pics.

  6. biba

    oh look, Victoria has gotten her implants taken out in order for her tits to looks real with her anorexic body

  7. Fugly Girl

    Posh, again with the greasy skin! Someone get this girl some astringent and tell her to lay off the Oil of Olay.

    Tom Cruise’s leming looks harrible. Brush your frickin hair and put on some damn makeup. You do nothing but shop all day long. I work and have a two year old and I still manage to accomplish hairbrushing and makeup application EVERY SINGLE DAY! Celebrities are a bunch of lazy retards!

  8. timmons622

    Posh looks like one of those little glass birds with the big heads tha bob up & down and “drink” from a glass of water.

  9. gia

    katie’s stomach looks flatter, like she already had the baby…this is all so weird.
    toms is trying to get the beckhams to come to the scientology darkside.

  10. JMo

    Isn’t it supposed to be bad to drink coffee when you are having an alien baby. I’m just sayin’.

  11. Grace

    What’s up with Katie’s I-just-rolled-in-the-muddy-grass jeans. Doesn’t she wash?! Disgusting.

  12. NYSocialite

    Seems like Tom freed Katie momentarily from her ankle chains. Victoria, news flash, super-sized sunglasses went out last season sweety. Why are the paparazzi boosting this gals ego?

  13. KATIE

    katie is looking very ala britney in her get up and lack of cleaning!

  14. Rachel

    I predict Katie Holmes is going to be the new Britney Spears (post-baby of course) … Tom, like K-Fed, is sucking her will to remain glamorous. Maybe she decided that if being beautiful got her into this crappy of a situation, turning into a gigantic disastrous mess might get her out. Hell, the whole get-ugly, get-broken up with situation worked for Lindsay Lohan (Wilmer), Nicole Richie (AM), etc.

  15. anon

    I agree with the above comments that Katie Holmes has certainly let herself go (and this is pregnancy aside). I also agree with the comment that she has NOTHING to do all day, BUT groom herself and shop, so why she goes shopping in Beverly Hills looking like a mess is beyond me. I would assume that this is a planned outing, not that Victoria dropped by the Cruise compound and Katie was interrupted cleaning the bathrooms.
    In addition, I don’t think a large cup of coffee, repeatedly flying around or ice skating during pregnancy are recommended….. But if Tom say’s it’s okay, it must be since he’s read ALL of the papers. Disappointing as Katie used to be a cute girl-these days she looks exhausted and the sparkle is gone from her….

  16. yungnhung

    man id love ta stick my cock in her ass

  17. Styler

    Katie dont have to be posh during this outing with Victoria but at least tidying up. Can someone tell her she look disastrous!

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