Victoria Beckam To Play Alexis Carrington?

March 8th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Say it isn’t so. I think Posh has the uber-bitch thing down quite well. However, Victoria Beckham on the big screen scares me. Didn’t we suffer enough with the Spice Girls movie?

Victoria Beckham is reportedly set to star in the big screen remake of ’80s soap Dynasty. The former Spice Girl is being lined up to play super-bitch Alexis – a role made famous by Joan Collins – in the Hollywood version of the classic show.

The brunette beauty, who is married to football ace David Beckham, is said to have won the role after her A-list pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes recommended her to ‘Dynasty’ creator Aaron Spelling.

Film bosses reportedly think the slender singer has the “British style and sass” needed for the film. An insider told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “The casting crew wanted someone British, glamorous and also slightly aloof.

She certainly has the aloof thing down pat.

Victoria Beckham to play super-bitch role [Tonight]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. David

    What’s with the enormo-sunglasses? Is she going to be driving through plutonium?

  2. Kelsey

    I think they are a sad attempt at disguising the pig-nosed fugly face she has….but if anything, I think it just draws attention

  3. Lynn

    She must have had her cataracts done…why else would anyone wear such huge, fugly sunglasses!

  4. tia

    Spice World was just some girls on film being goofy. The weren’t really acting. Just being themselves. Victoria may do well in this film. We cant really judge her acting abilities if we never seen her act. Oh and ladies the big sunglasses thing is becoming a trend now. Everyone does it from J.lo to Cameron Diaz. I dont like the look either but hey hollwood likes it.

  5. Cheesy

    Why shouldn’t she?

    Joan Collins couldn’t act either! And Alexis Carrington was famous for having more money then sense, bad taste in clothes, and rotten parenting skills. Sounds like perfect casting!

  6. tommons622

    David, that’s funny!! Plutonium – HA!!

  7. jason

    cheesy – joan collins acted her ass off as alexis. she won the golden globe in 1983 and was nominated for an emmy at least four times for the role. no one could spoon up caviar, slap someone, puff on a cigarillo and whip out catty lines in clipped british diction better than joan. she took the show from the verge of cancellation after the first season to the number one show in america. comparing joan to victoria beckham is an insult to a survivor who has been making films since 1952.

  8. chacha

    aloof? i always thought it was something between insecure posturing and plain all out stupidity. that posh spice is not a smart girl, but she is an incredibly lucky one.

  9. Brenda

    I think Laura Flynn Boyle (who is just as (good)an actress as Joan Collins seems like the contemporary choice. Wouldn’t you agree? Victoria is one ugly pig faced girl. However, her husband is hot and should consider the Steven Carrington role.

  10. People – Collins ain’t dead. Let her reprise Alexis. OK, she’s older than Judi Dench. But she still does the glam thing and prolly needs the job.

  11. Cheesy

    Joan won awards, but she still can’t act. But it’s hard to tell cuz no one on that show could act, so she was by far the best of the actors.

    Yeah, she saved the show. PR and talent are not necessarily the same thing.

    Hence, Mrs. Beckham…

  12. Silasdog

    Plutonium…I love that line. Her acting? What a joke that would be.

  13. jason

    joan could totally reprise the role! she’s already signed on to do the DYNASTY reunion for nbc and recently did two episodes of FOOTBALLER’S WIVES. she also looked fantastic at the VANITY FAIR oscar party on sunday (see her pics on or, still rockin’ the big wigs at nearly 73 y.o.

  14. CanadaRules

    What makes me laugh most about this story is that it was her “A-List ‘friends’” –Tom and Katie!!!!–who recommended her. What a good little L.Ron.Hubbard disciple Tom is, he refuses to give up on bagging the Beckhams, and continues to do whatever it takes to cozy up to them and bring them over to the dark side. If Hubbard were alive today, those two uber-silly, uber-popular, uber-rich kids would definitely have been on his “wish list”. (For those who don’t know, look up the original celebrity “wish list”, which included Orson Welles, among others…)

  15. Madge

    Cant think of anyone better, i sure hope this is true !

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