Victoria And David Beckham Pierce 2-Year-Old Son’s Ear

June 2nd, 2005 // 7 Comments

Well the hell not, right?

The two-year-old was pictured yesterday sporting an ear-stud, prompting speculation on why the Beckhams had decided to have their second son`s ear pierced.

Beckham, who was in New York for England`s football friendly against Colombia, told GMTV that the stud was not a recent development but that the toddler had had it for a while.

He said: “He`s had it done for a long, long time.”

He added that there was no particular reason why he and wife Victoria decided to get Romeo`s ear pierced other than they liked the look.

“We got it done, we think it looks good,” he said.

I guess you can’t argue with fashion. However, Romeo better be glad that he’s not living in the Bible Belt, where bling is being frowned upon.

Romeo’s ear-piercing good, says Beckham [UTV]
School fashion police ease up on boys’ ‘bling’ [Daily Southtown]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Bedstuy

    Who cares? Little girls get their ears pierced early why can’t little boys. Also somewhere there is a war raging….

  2. lulu

    I like the Beckhams. but why does she look so awkward holding the baby?

  3. Anonymous

    Bedstuy: I agree, but Vic looks like she’s about to have a Whitney Houston style meltdown. And the way she’s clutching the poor baby. Oi!

  4. bedsuy

    Shit! I know that “starving” youself is not suppose to be good but I would love a note guaranteeing that my body would look like that after 3! kids. Bad bood job aside, she looks hot in her jeans. –Before anyone starts- being skinny myself, I think (have to) that skinny is so HOT!

  5. heaven

    He’s had his ear pierced since he was one now they’re making a fuss about it

  6. Alicia

    I think it is adorable when little kids look like their parents. I mean that is what they are, little versions of the people who created them. I had my ears done before I could walk or talk, not that big of a deal.

  7. Blacksheep

    I think it is wonderfull that they have chosen to pierce their babies ears. yes it should be a parental desicion and dont stop just at girls. Boys should not discriminated against because of their sex.

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