Victoria Prince Takes Jordan Kay Federline For A Walk [PHOTOS]

Looking to be in great shape, Victoria Prince took two-month-old daughter Jordan Kay Federline out for a walk today (October 21st) in Los  Angeles.  Prince was joined by her own mother, who pushed the stroller as the new mom carried Kevin Federline’s fifth child.

Prince, a former pro volleyball player, most definitely bounced back from her pregnancy and looks great.  Federline still looks like he’s expecting an extra-large food baby.

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Before the Jordan Kay was born on August 16th, Federline told Us Weekly, “[Victoria] said that if we were going to have a little girl, she wanted to name her Jordan.  And then, we actually thought that it was a boy, but we stuck with the name Jordan because, you know, it fits both ways.”

Prince and Federline first debuted Jordan Kay in Santa Barbara last month, when the baby was just six weeks old.