Victoria Beckham Speaks Out About Her Luxurious Fashion Range, Didn’t Purchase Versace Mansion

Spot The Change
In New York, Victoria did something a little differently.
When the Spice Girls were at the peak of their career, how badly did you want to raid Posh Spice’s closet? I mean, I understand the indecision. Imagine how difficult it would be to choose between the little Gucci dress, or the little Gucci dress, or (gasp!), the other little Gucci dress.

Kudos if you understood the Spice World reference!

Now we don’t have to envy the Victoria Beckham too much. With her fashion range being released, we can all hopefully have a little piece of posh in our closets.

While talking about the women who will be purchasing her clothes, she made a brilliant statement. “She wants to feel empowered, confident. She wants to feel her best.” Just think of how you feel when you put on your best fitting dress that compliments your body perfectly. Just picture feeling that way while dressed in something by the Victoria Beckham.

One of her favorite pieces includes tunic dressing. While speaking about that, she said, “I think the girls look really feminine and sexy.’ All women want to feel that way, right?

Rumors had surfaced that David Beckham and Mrs. Beckham purchased the Versace Mansion in Miami. This report is nothing more than a rumor.

A family by the name of Nakash, purchased the home, outbidding even Donald Trump.

I’m sure if the family puts their roots down in Florida, their home with almost be as lavish as the Beckingham Palace they once owned in England.

Interested in more of Victoria’s work? Check out the Skype documentary about the beautiful, hard working woman! It’s so insightful and beautifully conveys her passion!