Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton & 20 Celebrities Who Tell Secrets

Amanda Jones | November 29, 2013 - 2:00 pm

Remember the telephone game you would play when you went to parties in middle school?…well maybe not parties…sleepovers maybe.

You know the game where the first person makes up a sentence and they whisper it in the next person’s ear and then that person whispers it in the next person’s ear and so on and so forth and by the time the secret gets to the last person, that 5-6 word sentence is now 2-3 words…

Celebs play the telephone game all the time except majority of the time it’s only with 2 people…

[midpostembed id=”9743045″ type=”gallery” title=”victoria beckham in china”]Wait, so if it’s only two people, that would be considered a secret right? But is a secret really a secret in Hollywood? Or among celebrities at all?

Doubt it! A secret is bound to get out especially if a publicist or assistant knows the secret and a gossip magazine is offering the right amount of money.

However, celebs are always caught on the red carpet whispering to each other. Some might look like they’re whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ear and some just look like they’re just whispering for the cameras.

Launch the gallery to check out some of you fave celebs whisper in each other’s ear.

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