Victoria Beckham Looks Nervous As David Beckham Makes His French Soccer Debut [PHOTOS]

Victoria Beckham's Sexy
Posh Spice's sexiest red carpet looks.
When David Beckham first annouced he was leaving the LA Galaxy I know we all had one thought, “But where will we watch Victoria Beckham being fabulous if not on the soccer field?!”

Don’t worry folks! Because David was back on the field in France yesterday (February 24) and Victoria was looking as gorgeous as ever as she cheered on her man. She also seemed quite nervous for his soccer return. Don’t worry, Posh, David seems to be just fine. In fact, David Beckham helped Paris Saint-Germainb beat Marseille.

Also! Why were there no Beckham children present? No Harper looking adorable, no Romeo being incredibly fashionable–come on Beckhams! We need this! So, what have the Beckhams been up to leading to David’s debut? 

Well, Victoria was off being lovely at all sorts of fashion weeks from New York to London. Who knew that Posh Spice would become the most fabulously fashionable person in our current media landscape? Love it!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Victoria cheering on her man, as David took to the field. I gotta admit, it’s still really impressive watching David play. What do you guys think of his latest move? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!