Victoria Beckham Looks Fantastic In London, Gets Barefoot For BFF Eva Longoria

The Beckham Girls
Eva Longoria holds on to Harper Beckham.
There are a few celebrities that I want to be friends with, but none of them have been in my life as long as Victoria Beckham.

The ridiculously beautiful fashionista was spotted in London today attending a friend’s book launch party looking like the best dressed person around. You know, I’ve got all the components for that outfit in my closet, but I will never make it look as cool as Victoria does.

Know what else she makes cool? Being barefoot. 

Victoria Tweeted the photo on the right earlier today, which sees her doing some alterations for best friend, Eva Longoria. Look! She’s got the shoes off, the pin cushion next to her and she’s just going to town.

Do you see why I want to be her friend? Because then she’ll hand craft beautiful outfits for me! Mostly beautiful. As long as they don’t look like this one I will be content.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Victoria’s perfect look this evening. Are you as obsessed with it as I am? Sound off in the comments! And if any of you are successful at recreating the look, send us a pic on Twitter @socialitelife.