Victoria Beckham Looks Fab As She Talks About Being A Working Mom & Working In The Nude

Victoria Beckham's Sexy
Posh Spice's sexiest red carpet looks.
You know, we don’t often hear from Victoria Beckham.

Sure, we constantly see her walking around the world’s most fashionable areas looking amazing, but rarely does Posh Spice give us a peek into what her life is really like. Luckily she did as she opened up about life during her speech at the Vogue Festival at London’s Royal Opera House.

While you might think that all Posh does is brunch and shop, there’s actually a lot of work to be done, and every time she goes to work, she feels guilty. “Being a working mum you feel guilty every time you go out of the door when you have to work. I think you feel so torn, don’t you? But I’ve got great people who handle my schedule and everything does revolve around the children.” 

Victoria continued, “You just do your best, but constantly feel guilty. I enjoy being a mum. I love having kids more than anything and I would do anything for them. I’m up early in the morning doing spelling tests and maths quizzes before the school run, then up late with a baby and a 14-year-old who refuses to go to bed – Brooklyn.”

And, what’s all this about working in the nude? Well, apparently that’s how she designs her clothes. “I start by sitting down with the team and discussing ideas first. We’re all very close and we sit down and we’re open and we talk and I normally, you know, get naked and make clothes on myself. That’s pretty much how it works.” Are you kidding me? You just get naked? That’s ridiculous and amazing.

And don’t worry guys, despite the fact that she never smiles, Victoria is actually really nice! “I’m nice! Everyone thinks I’m going to be such a cow. I understand it actually. I think exactly the same when I see the pictures.” Oh Victoria, you my favorite. Launch the gallery to check out the photos of Victoria not smiling. Think she should feel guilty for working? Sound off in the comments!