Victoria Beckham Gets A Bambi Awards From Karl Lagerfeld, Parties It Up

The Beckham Girls
Eva Longoria holds on to Harper Beckham.
Last night at the Bambi Awards, Victoria Beckham received an award from Karl Lagerfeld for her fashion line.

But really Victoria should have won an award for her posing techniques. And for her ability to wear that dress, with that much smokey eye going on and still look statuesque. Any other celeb and it would have been ridiculous.

Obviously she wore a Victoria Beckham design. And not only did she pose the shit out of the red carpet, she even Tweeted some photos of herself getting down. 

It’s always funny when she posts photos of herself laughing or smiling or being silly in some way. I mean, since the early days of the Spice Girls she’s been the one who doesn’t smile and doesn’t have fun. But those are all lies! At least that’s what her Twitter pic tells me.

Plus, she was all about hanging out in the DJ booth after the awards. So there was the pain of posing on the carpet and the fun of partying afterwards. I love Posh. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet–and a few of her Twitter shots. Are you loving her look? Or do you wish she was a bit less smokey and stiff? Sound off in the comments!