Victoria Beckham Executes With Precision In ‘Glamour’ As First Ever Guest Editor [PHOTOS]

David & Victoria
The hot couple at Vanity Fair's Oscar bash.
Without a doubt, Victoria Beckham is a type-A personality. Taking on Glamour as guest editor and rocking it is no surprise to us.  She has stepped into the limelight of fashion since her days as a Spice Girl in the 90s and has had a multiplicity of success with her fashion line DVB Style. As a mother of five, a fashion expert and designer, and juggling schedules with mega star icon with husband, British soccer sensation David Beckham she is no stranger to being under scrutiny of her every move as a celebrity veteran.

This is not her first recognition with Glamour as she had won two awards in 2007 for the title of  Woman of the Year and also Entrepeneur of the Year and now the singer-turned -fashion designer is next months’ issue guest editor for the magazine! 

Beckham is excited for the September issue to hit stands as she has spent several months on the issue perfecting all aspects of the issue from font detail to feature sections selections from cover to cover. On such decisions, the fashion designer had conjured a list of items that she was sure not to include in the issue. Of which, Beckham shared in an interview and  the list included bermuda shorts,Crocs, American tan tights and  nose rings.

Indeed as a trend setter and entrepeneur the star must keep up with the latest in styles and all things related to women’s wellness and  interests. One such hot topic is the 50 shades of Grey trilogy which she as well as her mother has been reading this summer.

Beckham opens up to Glamour about why she rarely smiles in photographs. “I’ve created this person. And I’m not saying that’s not me, but I wouldn’t say that’s the whole me…. It’s an armor that goes up.

In the fashion industry, there is not much wiggle room for laughing matters, and Beckham has made it her personal choice to embody fashion in aspects of her life as an icon even if it is simply another photo sans smile.

Look for the issue on newsstands next month for the editorial debut of Victoria Beckham in the Fashion Issue which gives insights to Lilly Collins portfolio, Chanel,  The Wanted, and style tips from none other than the empowering woman herself! On her thoughts about the upcoming launch, Beckham ends on a hopeful note.  “My hope is that this issue inspires you, takes you places you haven’t been before (the Chanel story is a journey in itself), and makes you feel good. Tweet me and let me know!”

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