Victoria Beckham Chops Off Hair, Then Steps Out Sporting Long Hair With Harper

Victoria Beckham is retro
Victoria Beckham pulls off retro chic in NYC.
I’m so confused.

Victoria Beckham posted the following tweet on Tuesday:

Loving the hair! Thank u Tina Outen @Tinadidit x vb

The photo (above, left) shows VB with what looks to be a return to her Posh Spice bob. As she looks in the mirror while hairdresser Tina Outen styles her do, Victoria’s brunette locks just about pass her chin, proving that her natural hair really is quite short.

However, this morning, as you can see in the photo (above, right) she had new extensions put in and now is back to her long hair look.

Earlier today (May 2, 2013), she and Harper arrived at the Eurostar station in London, England to travel to Paris to see her husband David Beckham on his 38th birthday.

Launch the gallery to check out Victoria’s hair and how completely adorable Harper is. She even has her own hair moment.

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