Victoria And David Beckham Are Both In Paris, But Sadly Not Together

February 28th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Ugh, leave it to Victoria and David Beckham to both be in Paris–looking gorgeous–but not actually be together.

Still, some Beckham is better than no Beckham. Especially when one of those Beckhams is sporting thick, gray tights with open toed shoes. Oh yes, that is exactly what Victoria was spotted doing in Paris today. That is a trend that usually bugs me, but for some reason, it works on Victoria. She’s got fashion week down.

Plus, she even wore it on the red carpet.

Now to David. He’s wearing a long coat and a newsboy cap all while carrying a giant Louis Vuitton duffle. That is my jam. I appreciate when people actually use LV for luggage. Oh, and the long coat. The. Long. Coat.

So since they’re both there for Paris Fashion Week, think they’ll make any appearances together? That’d be great. And if they can bring Harper or any of the Beckham boys along, even better. Check out all the photos of Victoria and David in the gallery.

By Sabba Rahbar

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