Vicky Is a Bitch…Surprise

In not-so-surprising news, reports have surfaced that Victoria Beckham was dumped. Rock and Republic parted ways with the high maintenance fashionista. Sources have been squealing to anyone who will listen about the reason for her termination. Two words are consistent in every story… “horrible behavior.”

“The partnership with Rock & Republic was terminated. Victoria was horrible to work with – indecisive and inconsistent and generally not present at all. She attached her name to it but didn’t want to do any of the work – unless she was promoting the line in front of the cameras, of course.”

“dVb” was released in New York last week at Saks. This is said to be the last venture the former Spice Girl will have with the company.

Well, I can’t say that I am really surprised here people. I mean this chick manages to live on Diet Coke and beans. She is bound to be a bit bitchy.

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