VH1’s ‘Audrina’ Trailer. Meh.

VH1 released its first trailer for Audrina yesterday, promising us a host of Patridge family dysfunction.  The father seems over it, the mother seems a bit white trash, and Casey (the mouthy one with a sleeve of tats) wants to steal Audrina’s thunder.  Of course, this is all edited in a way help Audrina carry her own show.  Girlfriend’s got a pretty face, but there’s not a whole lot happening upstairs. HOWEVER, there was a little bit o’ ghetto in Audrina when she tried to  get up in Kristin Cavallari’s grill after KCav joined The Hills.  Hence, this series could prove to be mildly entertaining.

We’ll tune in.  It’s kinda like watching Spanglish on TBS: Wasn’t great the first time around, but if it’s on, you’ll watch it.

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Check out the trailer after the jump and let us know if you’ll tune in.

Audrina premieres April 17th at 9pm on VH1