Vera Farmiga: 2010 Academy Awards

March 7th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Best Supporting Actress nominee Vera Farmiga arrived at the 2010 Academy Awards clad in a pad of Marchesa post-its.  The berry color is beautiful and Farmiga’s complexion is flawless, but the texture of the dress is weird.  She literally looks like a stack of post-its. 

Farmiga was nominated for her role in Up In The Air, which made me want to ring her neck (sewww, good job, I guess?).  Ryan was falling for you, Alex! And you lead him on!

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. boiiXgiirl

    so what are you saying??
    u want her to win or not?
    ur saying she’s pretty or not..

    -_____- i really dont get you..sorry XD


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