Venice Film Festival Looks: The Good, The Bad And The Fugly [PHOTOS]

September 11th, 2011 // 2 Comments

The 68th Annual Venice Film Festival showcased a bunch of jazzy movies, but a few of us were more concerned about what the ladies wore on the red carpet.  Some were breathtaking, like Analeigh Tipton‘s ethereal Christian Dior confection at the premiere of Damsels In Distress.

The Best Of The Venice Film Festival

There were some real eye sores on the red carpet, mostly worn by foreigners, who looked like they were sponsored by Cache.  I’m telling you, it was the poor man’s Roberto Cavalli parade some nights.  Let us take a spin through the gallery to see who wore the sh*t out of their dress, and who should hire themselves a proper stylist.

PHOTOS: Analeight Tipton Attends The Premiere Of Crazy Stupid Love

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Monica Bellucci Wine Selecting Dress Belongs Sorceress
    Commented on this photo:

    Unfortunately I was unable the 2011 Venice Film Festival this time, but I attended the Festival before to support The Best Film of the Year “Black Swan”. Now to my actual comment. Are you certain that is actress/model Monica Belucci? I’ve seen her in person many times and every time I’d get so mesmerized with her beauty I get speechless. She would look in person as naturally beautiful as in she did The Matrix Movies and sometimes Made up so beautifully as she did in the Dior Ads a few years ago. Where can I find proof that this is Monica Bellucci? Monica Bellucci is absolute beautiful, gorgeous and fiercely sexy. I don’t believe it’s her. She sort of resembles Cher in her very early years especially with the gown. I don’t believe this photo is of Monica Bellucci. She wouldn’t have never worn such a Department Store Special Occasion Gown and especially with her hair grown back to longer, wouldn’t have worn it like suburban soccer moms. If it really is her, then the only reason I could think of for the way she looked, is that she did not want to be there, waited to the last minute to work on how she’ll be styled or this is the result of a woman who was exhausted and knowing the festival would make her worse, she little girl either her child’s someone else’s pick out her dress, brushed her hair and cent her to the Festival. Everyone has been the person to surprise you with the shock of what they worn and definitely how they looked.
    Again if it truly is Monica I forgive her but I don’t ever want her looking like this ever again.

    Sitting in the element of surprise,
    S H A H C A R B L A K E


  2. Kate Winslet Flawless Hair Makeup Dress Venice Film Festival
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    Kate Winslet looks incredible and the dress had to be made just for her. Because it shows. This is the best I’ve ever seen of her.

    S H A H C A R B L A K E

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