Vegas Has Their Money on THIS Guy

At least some guy in Vegas does.

A big shot named Anthony Curtis, president of LasVegasAdvisor, seems to think Adam Carolla is the best bet to win the 2010 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race on April 17th – which is weird for a whole laundry list of reasons. The first being that Adam Carolla, compared to the other celebrity racers like Adrien Brody, Christian Slater, Tony Hawk and Jesse McCartney, seems to be the most awkward in terms of attempting to control large machinery, and frankly a scary would-be race-car driver. Honestly, Tony Hawk really isn’t just a little bit better? Adam Carolla is famous for being mildly funny and most recently podcasting hate all up on the Filipino community – and that’s just about it. No stunning athleticism, or dance moves from this guy. But hey, maybe his automobile maneuvering skills are impressive enough to put my money on. I just don’t think I would.