Vanity Fair Post Oscar Party: Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer

February 23rd, 2009 // 20 Comments

They may not have made a big show of walking the red carpet upon arriving at last night’s Academy Awards, but John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston were seated together at the event.

Aniston appeared unnerved while on stage with Jack Black to present the award for Best Animated Feature face-to-face with her ex-husband Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie. Last night marked the first time all three parties have been in the same room since the couple’s divorce in 2005.

It wasn’t until the Vanity Fair after-party that Jennifer and John were able to really step out as a couple. Jennifer stuck to her usual California beach girl look in a strapless, metallic and white gown and her honey blond hair loose with a simple braid across the top. And I have to hand it to him, John does look nice in that tux.

Gallery Info: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer at the Vanity Fair Oscar party and press room.

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By Lisa Timmons


    Jen looked stunning! Totes loved the dress.

  2. Anonymous

    she walks ahead and doesn’t know he is gone………he is hired. The game is over……

  3. rachel

    Jen looked stunning, she can out shine Pitt’s partner in anything, even a bag would look great on Jen. Jolie is so fake, & you can almost smell an oder about her. Oh yes it is the smell of a sewer RAT

  4. LeslieD

    JA looked great but it does look like she ran off and left John behind. I think he is a PR slut–he walks slow and even get into the car slowly just so he can be seen. AJ was still a bitch–did you see how they dissed Ryan S. Rude.

  5. Martiniman

    Had to suck for Jen (who looked great) having to hand out the award while seeing Grendel’s mother staring up at her!

    As for John, say what you need to say, he looked like he was waiting, waiting for the Oscars to end!

  6. chiquitabanana

    How did Jen who is seven years older Angelina managed to look more youthful?????
    she looked great!

  7. Liz

    Jennifer looked absolutely beautiful!! Jolie looked the same as she always does (evil)…..

  8. Rho

    Jen looked stunning as usual, she was also pretty funny while presenting.

  9. Jenfraud

    Aniston’s complete DOWNGRADE was paraded for the entire world to see. Brad Pitt, to bloated Vince, to PR-love Mayer in the BACK ROW. Jolie-Pitt WIN in life, in profession, in everything. Well done Brad for ditching this loser FRAUD Aniston.

  10. Zekers

    I wonder if the Jenn/Angie/Brad thing will still be a thorn in so many sides ten years from now? It’s been several years since this all went down and people are still so territorial about it. Strange…

  11. collette

    Brad Pitt is the only coward of the threesome. Both Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie are beyond lovely women. If Pitt had owned up to the obvious affair like a man should then Jolie would not be treated like the world’s tainted woman and Aniston would have received the public apology she so deserved. The whole thing would be old news. Pitt isn’t the first guy to fall in love with another woman while married. He is the first to do a photo shoot playing family while attempting to hide an affair… (That was nuts!) It’s that he was so false/fake and worried about HIS reputation instead of being concerned for either of the women he was in love with… Pitt is weak. He is the one who was lying and cheating and sneaking around. I do not think Angelina has to chase anyone. Both women deserve better.

  12. Lightbulb

    She didn’t look relaxed on stage at all…

  13. Nicky

    Why do people always have to bring up Angelina and Brad when they talk about Jennifer and then when they’re talking about Jennifer they always have to bring up Angelina and Brad. Like I’ve said in other posts, I think the 3 of them are over it. How long ago did Jen and Brad break up? It’s been nearly 5 years hasn’t it? Anyway, I think Jennifer looked gorgeous but she could of done something more to her hair. It was a nice sun kissed look she had going on though.

  14. iris

    doesn’t anyone notice that Jen’s stomach is huge for her? WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ANGELINA/BRAD, JEN IS PREGNANT!!!

  15. keller

    Collette: I totally agree.

  16. Mooniepie

    Aniston would be alright if she stoped trying to play the victim all the freakin time. Get over it, Brad made his choice, you lost to a true diva. Aniston and Pitt had four years of marriage to get it right and she was too busy thinking about her bland tired career and being an “A” list movie star than being a wife. So she got snuffed by a real woman who knows how to do it all, be an “A” list movie star, humanitarian, ambassador of good will, a mother, a lover and fierce companion to her man. Haters get over it, Angelina rocks!! Not to mention she’s a smokin hot sex goddess!

  17. Nicky

    Mooniepie, you sound a little obsessed.

  18. Tsxwqqhb

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