Vanity Fair Gets All Sexed Up

February 13th, 2006 // 13 Comments

Well, we’ve seen Scarlett Johannson and Kiera Knightly strip, and Angelina Jolie’s ass, so how about a little more skin. I’m a tad disappointed at the lack of a bare male ass, but a floating Eric Bana will do. The women did not bat an eye and dropping their clothes. Sienna Miller went all out and showed off her tits (after the jump). Her mum should be proud.

A look at a few of the women in Vanity Fair (including a topless Sienna Miller – NSFW), after the jump.

For a comprehensive look, check out Just Jared.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    well, if sienna ever gets implants, we’ll know pretty easily.

  2. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    Disgusting! Does anyone really want to see a topless Sienna Miller?

  3. ThrillKill

    Wow! I’m impressed! It’s not often that a woman can make a topless shot of themselves COMPLETELY asexual.

  4. Raunch_dip

    Joaquin…. delicious. Just delicious.

  5. honeypeach

    Why is that chick’s legs up in the air?

  6. Small Fry

    That’s Sienna Miller? I thought it was Macauley Culkin in heels and panties.

  7. mutterhals

    Sienna: Nice little boobies Eric Bana: BOOOIIINNNNG!!!(if i had a penis)

  8. moi.

    fuck sienna.. another beeped out british who thinks she can get international fame.. cough cough kate beckinsale. go ahead date whatshisface gay mofo from lord of the rings…date jude… WHO CARES. its not gonna be long til she gets implants, she cant stay like that in US. JAQUOIN BABY i mispelt ur name but your SO HOT

  9. Diana

    Sienna looks like a boy–which must be very nice for Hayden Christensen!

  10. Mariana

    Lots of tits but no cock.

    Is it wrong to say that I want to hump Joaquin Phoenix’s face?



    IMPEACH HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yay

    I am all about Sienna Miller naked, but I have to say, the show stopper has got to be Scarlett Johannsan and Keira Kneightly nude on the cover..
    Scarletts ass was very inviting, I hope this makes her choose nudity in a role soon.

  13. Marla

    lol, are you kidding me, can’t you see the shape of miller’s boobs? when a woman lies down *any of you that have boobs will know that* the ‘definitive’ round shape above can only be attained if you have implants *grin* otherwise the woman’s boobs, regardless of how toned and firm she is, will slid somewhat towards the sides. If you look at the boob that’s furthest from the camera, you’ll see it’s impossibly round and stays that way despite the law of gravity. Another thing, women being women have a layer of abdominal fat for reproductive reasons, once a female’s body fat levels goes below 19 % her abdominal muscles start to show, she doesn’t even have to exercise but they will show regardless being that these are the actual skeletal and muscular frame (if you will) of her body, hence if that’s showing like in miller’s photo above, she cannot have any boobs to speak of because that implies she has body fat, which she obviously doesn’t.

    If you saw her in ‘chasing eddie’ she had NOTHING there, this is a whole new step up

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