UPDATE: Vanilla Ice Arrested

Photo: The Smoking Gun

Robert Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, was arrested last night after an altercation with his wife. Ice allegedly pushed his wife during a fight of some sort, and spent the night in jail in Palm Beach County.

The rapper and VH1 Celebreality star went before a judge this morning, who ordered him to stay away from his wife and children.

As of now, Vanilla Ice is allowed to communicate with the Mrs. via phone, but he can only have contact with his kids through a friend.

He will be allowed to stop by the house once to pick up his belongings, but only with a police escort.

We’ll keep you updated here at SL as the story develops.

UPDATE: Apparently Vanilla Ice and his wife were arguing over buying a bedroom set. His wife, Laura, originally said that he hit and kicked her, but later changed her story to just a push, which Vanilla Ice denies.

This isn’t Vanilla Ice’s first charge of domestic battery. He was also booked for the same charge in 2001.

In 2004, he was fined impounding fees of $200 when his pet wallaroo (a wallaby/kangaroo) and pet goat were on the loose and picked up by animal control.

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