Vanessa Minnillo May Have Cut Herself Out of Her Own Reality Show

Hoping to find fame in a reality television show, much the way her predecessor, Jessica Simpson did with Nick Lachey in their MTV series, “Newlyweds,” Vanessa Minnillo has been talking with TV execs about getting her own vehicle off the ground. However, the recently leaked pics of her and Lindsay Lohan playing with knives might have turned off executives from pursuing a project with the young MTV personality.

“The show would just follow her around in her day,” a source says, adding wryly, “She really wants to be famous.”

That sounds boring. I would think that the knife stuff would be at least somewhat interesting. Also, it’s not clear if Nick Lachey will agree to participate in the show, and if he’s not there, then quite frankly, she and her friends would need to be pulling knives on each other to compel me to watch. I used to love me some “Newlyweds.” It was always hot when Nick was trying to fix stuff, or move things with his brother.