Vanessa Minnillo is High Maintenance

The New York Daily News reports that Nick Lachey and his veejay got into it at Plumm in NYC the other night. Supposedly some chickenhead that looked like Jessica Simpson was all up in his area and Vanessa wasn’t having it.

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey got into a tiff when a Jessica Simpson look-alike tried to slip her number to Lachey Wednesday night at Plumm. Minnillo started yelling, “We have to talk!” before leaving the club in a huff, says our spywitness. Lachey followed, opening the door of a cab for his miffed gal pal, who ignored him and hopped into another.

Well, did he take the number willingly? Did he know what it was? Did he think it was the check? Bitch, I need details and I don’t have his number. Anyway, this bitch better stop acting out in public like a crazy sideline hoe. Take it to the cab, take it back to his place. Ask about the number while you’re twisting on his nuts. If he doesn’t give you the right answer, make sure he pays. Conduct yourself like a confident lady! Downtown Julie Brown wouldn’t have showed her ass like this. Take it from me. I know what goes on.


More photos of the high maintenance Vanessa and a cuddly Nick after the jump.