Vanessa Hudgens Was Going To Be Nude Sooner Or Later

Vanessa Hudgens admits during her Glamour covershoot and interview that her leaked nude photos on the internet were embarrassing, but that they only made her stronger.

“It sucks because [the photos were] supposed to be private, but at the same time a lot of actresses do it [in movies]. Eventually, I’m sure that I will [too]. But I don’t know if I would be able to do it now,” she said. Well, at least she has no shame about saying that she’ll do it again. Then then promptly move on to discussing kittens and animals.

I thought this article was about her growing up? And speaking of growing up, they make it seem like she’s this weathered, bitter actress who is out of her prime. She’s 21! She’s not old or grown up. Just because she can get into a bar should we consider her all grown up? She talks about her boyfriend, Zac Efron, and how they aren’t buying a house together just yet. Good. Both of y’all got some seeds to sow before you settle down.

Her upcoming roles include playing the daughter of a drug addict in next year’s Beastly and a tough, edgy girl in the action fantasy Sucker Punch. Check out the gallery of her photos below!