Vanessa Hudgens Claims She Is A Real Person Outside Of ‘High School Musical’

The 21-year-old Disney Star, is separating herself from her High School Musical persona and she wants you to know it.

Hudgens, dressed in her own boho style and out in Malibu on June 27th said, “When I am around kids and they come up to me, of course I am going to act a certain way, but at the end of the day, I’m doing this for myself. I’m going to be doing movies kids can’t watch.” …Vanessa, we don’t know if you know this…but your new movie, Beastly is a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast. I’m fairly certain many children will be watching. And we haven’t forgotten that slip up with the nuddy pictures, missy!

But in her defense, Vanessa will be playing a HIV-positive stripper in a new production of Rent.