Vanessa Hudgens’ ‘Beastly’ Is Postponed Thanks To Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens took a little stumble and so did the plans for her new film. CBS Films has pushed back the July 30 release of Beastly, about and egotistical man who is cast under a dark spell and has a yer to find a woman to love (i.e. a modern twist on Beauty and the Beast, to March 18. The reported reason is that Zac Efron’s Charlie St. Cloud, about a young man torn between his attachment to his dead brother and falling in love with a girl, is being released on the same day and the themes are too similar.

These sound completely different, but actually I saw trailer for Efron’s movie and it’s got some supernatural stuff in in. I still think a bigger reason would be that the fans of High School Musical would choose Zac over Vanessa since they are mostly pre-teen girls, and I’m not even a pre-teen and I would.

Check out the trailers for the two movies after the jump!