Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efforns Double Date With Britney Snow and Unfamous Boyfriend

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron did like Drew Barrymore and Justin Long yesterday in rainy California and had a “let’s get in our comfy clothes, get lunch, and be a cute couple” day. Those two have been dating since 2005 and every time I see them they look like they are on week two.  The High School Musical sweethearts however decided to do it with another couple though (lunch) and met Brittany Snow and her honey Ryan Rottman out at Katsuya.  They look like they were having a great time until they spotted the paparazzi, then Brittany turned icey.

I looked up this Ryan fellow to see if he is good enough for the Hairspray star (and American Dreams actress, another canceled-before-its-time one for the list). If I base him superficially on this looks looks than I think she’s got a winner.  If I base even more superficially on his career and the only thing I recognize is House Bunny I get worried. But she looks happy to good for Brittany.