Vanessa Hudgens Admits to Crush on Matt Damon


When Vanessa Hudgens recently stopped by The Tyra Banks Show earlier this week, she chatted with the talk show host about her secret crush on Matt Damon and her off-screen romance with Zac Efron. Conspicuously enough, questions about Hudgens’ recent photo scandal never came up during the interview. I would have loved for Tyra to have her fellow judges emerge to form their ANTM panel and point out why Vanessa’s picture would have benefited from some better off-camera art directing. Anyways, Vanessa said that she absolutely “loves” Matt Damon and had a chance to meet him when she was only fourteen years old.

“I completely freaked out. Like, I did to him what my fans do to me. I was like, ‘Ohmigosh, I love you so much, can I have your autograph?’ “

See? And that’s what Matt Damon’s a classy guy. When HE gets a naked picture of Vanessa emailed to him, he has the decency to keep it under wraps unlike SOME people.