Vanessa Paradis Sunbathes Topless In France [PHOTOS]

Johnny Depp’s estranged partner, Vanessa Paradis, was spotted sunbathing yesterday (August 22, 2012) on the beaches of Corsica in a tiny black bikini.

After taking a dip in the water, she lays down on her towel and lights a hand rolled cigarette, then removes her top to avoid tan lines.

The Sun reports that Johnny Depp is set to earn around $94 million for playing Captain Jack Sparrow in a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film.

The high amount will be good for Depp, who know has to pay support for his two children and ex Vanessa Paradis, who he was with for fourteen years but never married. 

A source said: “Johnny is being very careful he does not sign on for too many films. He doesn’t want to ruin his career with overexposure like John Travolta or Nic Cage did. This huge deal for Pirates means he will be able to pick his other roles very carefully on the strength of their script rather than their salary.”

Nice work if you can get it.