Vanessa Paradis Doesn’t Believe Johnny Depp Is Her Soulmate

January 24th, 2012 // 10 Comments

Just as Heidi Klum and Seal are officially calling it quits, Vanessa Paradis, the long-time girlfriend to Johnny Depp, is fueling rumors that she and Johnny are on the rocks after 14-years together. In her first public appearance since the rumors of a split surfaced, Paradis was spotted walking the red carpet alone at the Paris Premiere Photocall for her new film, Cafe de Flore, and was even quoted saying disparaging things about the movies topic of love.

The National Ledger is reporting that Paradis openly confessed her disbelief in marriage and soulmates. Paradis insists that “the idea of a soulmate is beautiful and very romantic to talk about it in a movie or a song, but in reality, I find it scary.” She goes on to share her discomfort with the story of Cafe de Flore because it “speaks of love, its joys, its pains and its dramas – to love and to lose. This story upset me, I was upside-down, in the depths of myself.”

Interesting words chosen from the woman who once claimed love at first sight with perfect Johnny Depp. Was the story of love and loss difficult for her because she was experiencing her own heartbreak?

Rumors that Depp and Paradis are splitting broke last week; however, the two have not been seen on the red carpet together in over a year. Of their relationship, Depp previously remarked:  

“We’ve never married and that’s how it is going to stay – for now. As one of our presidents once said, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ We just haven’t done the big public vow thing. It doesn’t seem necessary for us. Others may want to go down that road – we don’t.”

The two began dating in 1998 on the set of The Ninth Gate and have two children together, Lily-Rose, 12 and Jack, 9. Their relationship has remained relatively private over the 14-year courtship, most of which was spent in France where Paradis is from. However, a recent relocation to Los Angeles could be causing some strain in the relationship. 

Maybe there is something in the waters of Hollywood that is causing so much turmoil in relationships. 

By Cynthia Rollins

  1. Carter

    So what is the problem with what she said ? Just because she doesn’t believe in soulmates and marriage then her and Depp MUST be over ? clearly she believes in love the rest of the interview she said that she was in love.. What is wrong with you people!
    And yes she was on the red carpet alone, and since Depp has never attended ANY of her movie premiere’s still no story here.

    Their children have been going to school in LA for at least seven years, so no their relocation to LA was not recent. So again on story.

    She didn’t attend his Rum Diary movie premiere because she was performing on stage herself in Paris the same night. Not sure what other red carpet event you think she should have been at. POTC she has only ever attended one premiere (in Paris) around 6 years ago and there have been at least 8 premiere’s (USA and Europe) of those films.. So again no story there.

    Why don’t you people actually do some research of the truth before you jump in with such lies and misinformation.

    Such shallow ignorant and misinformed people. What a disgrace.

  2. EP

    Oops. ^Looks like the author offended the president of the Paradis fan club.

  3. Haley

    What in the world article were you reading?

    They aren’t claiming they are through they are noting that there have been rumors of hardship and that there is some evidence to support it.

    If you don’t like the writing don’t read and keep your comments to yourself, there is no need to be a jerk.

    I thought the article was very interesting and hope that you will keep us up to date if anything else happens.

    • Carter

      You thought the article interesting and there is some evidence to support it. What evidence ? The National Ledger!! LOL

  4. Carter

    Not at all. What is offensive to anyone should be that these rags get away with saying anything they like thinking their audience is stupid enough to believe it. EP since you pick on me instead of the misinformation in the article then you must be one of the stupid.

  5. Haley

    If you don’t like it then stop. If I choose to find this interesting my own business, not yours. Stop flaming and get a life, you troll.

    • Carter

      I guess if you find lies and misinformation interesting so be it. I forget some people, as you clearly show, like to remain ignorant.

  6. I present the information as I find it, interpretation is up to the reader. I hope that no one concludes the relationship is in fact over until an official statement comes out from either party, and if that statement is made we will be sure to cover it here. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Carter

      Try do some research instead of taking the information at face value instead of dishing out the same uninformed rumours and gossips hundreds of other rags reported before you did.
      Vanessa Paradis said the rumours were false how “official” do you need it to be!

    • blasted1

      Ummmmm…1. The source was People Magazine. 2. As of this posting, Johnny and his publicists maintain a silence that is louder than words (or should be, anyway.).

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