Vanessa Hudgens Wears Crazy Yoga Sweats Just For Fun

Vanessa Hudgens Raves
Vanessa Hudgens Gets Down At Electric Run
I’m a big believer in wearing weird patterned pants (I own newspaper print leggings and galaxy leggings) so it wasn’t really weird to me to see Vanessa Hudgens just hanging out in a pair of outrageous looking yoga sweats.

Vanessa was seen out running errands today, but it really looked like she should be in the yoga studio based on her outfit. Seemed like she was having a lazy kind of day. Nothing wrong with that, girl. 

Vanessa wore a black pullover hoodie and zebra striped sweatpants as she walked around Los Angeles. I really do love her pants. I would totally wear them, though then again I’d probably wear any type of patterned pants. They’re just the best.

I wonder if Vanessa will be bringing any crazy pants to Coachella? Apparently, she will be attending Coachella this year, and what’s more is she’s supposedly getting paid to go. That’s right. Vanessa is rumored to be getting paid $15,000 to wear a McDonalds T-shirt while attending Coachella, thus promoting the brand.

Ugh, so unfair. Actually getting paid to go have fun at Coachella? I think I might want to be a celebrity just for that perk alone. If only, if only.