Vanessa Hudgens Releases Sexy New Single ‘$$$ex’, Hits The Gym [PHOTOS]

'Spring Breakers'
Selena Gomez grabs a snack on the set.
Inspired by her latest film, the raunchy Spring Breakers, actress/singer Vanessa Hudgens has released a new single featuring YLA entitled “$$$ex.” Take a listen below.

Hudgens wrote on her blog last night, “It’s been a while since I’ve released a track, so I’m so excited to share this with y’all! Last night I spent some time recording in the studio w/ Rock Mafia & YLA! The song’s inspired by SPRING BREAKERS!! Here it is: ‘$$$ex’ – Vanessa Hudgens feat YLA!!”

Sample lyric… 

“Can’t you feel my hot sex / Hearts stop beating / No need to pull it out ’cause we’re not competing / Stay forever and ever / You think you’re so fucking clever.”

High School Musical what?

Vanessa has been doing her best to keep in shape of late. The starlet has been doing a boatload of Pilates and cardio. Gotta keep the moneymaker in shape.

Listen to Vanessa’s new song below.

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