Vanessa Hudgens Really Likes Fringe, Spotted Not Making Out With Austin Butler For A Change [PHOTOS]

Hudgens & Butler
The duo, joined by Ashley Tisdale, left the gym in Los Angeles.
I seriously wonder how many times Vanessa Hudgens has tripped on her own fringe? The girl LOVES fringe.

Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler were spotted leaving Aroma Cafe carrying coffee after eating breakfast together today in Studio City, CA. Afterwards the starlet was seen heading to her mother’s house.

Hudgens has been promoting Journey 2 internationally for the past week. She spoke to Moviefone via Huffington Post about the experience of filming the Atlantis scenes.

“They built a lot of the sets. A lot of it was Hawaii, so we’d be out in the jungle touching the mud, which I actually love; it was so much fun for me. Some of it would be stages, Captain Nemo’s tomb was a built stage. Some of the stages were incredible. The Atlantis set, which they built in the middle of Hawaii — how, I have know idea — I was very impressed [with]. So it depended on the scene. The bee chase was all on a green screen. But it was fun to mix it up.” 

“I was just stunned every day. I would see previews that our director had made beforehand; we got an idea of what things were going to look like. But nothing can prepare you for our version of Atlantis in the middle of the jungle.”

If only the film wasn’t such a dud, those sets would have seemed that much more incredible.