Vanessa Hudgens’ New Badass Role

So long are her High School Musical days, Vanessa Hudgens is back – and not so sweet. Her new movie Sucker Punch has her playing a sexy, nasty girl who knows her way around guns.

The 22-year-old insists that she did not take on the role to get away from her Disney image, but instead she signed up because she wanted the chance to work with director Zack Synder.

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The film is set in the 1950’s and stars actresses Jena Malone, Emily Browning, Jamie Sung, and Abbie Cornish who play four of the other ass-kicking girls. The film is a fantasy world where the girls need to battle dragons, orcs and other creatures with the use of their over-the-top-big weapons. Vanessa explained:

It’s fascinating, the attention to detail that he’s created. Just every single thing is so defined. Everyone’s costumes are so personal. It blew me away.

The actress even had to go through some intense training to get her body ripped for the part and believes that it was the most intense training she’s ever done!

With a new movie and new beau, Josh Hutcherson, (see photos) Vanessa Hudgens’ seems to be making a comeback – but as a totally different girl.