Vanessa Hudgens Magically Has Long Hair Again

Well look at that. It seems that Vanessa Hudgens visited the magical hair fairy in the past month. US Weekly reports that Vanessa was spotted with long and flowy locks, a drastic changer from her super short hair less than a month ag0. It seems that Ms. Hudgens not only enlisted the help of either extensions or a wig to get her hair back, but she kept covering it with hats as well.

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If you recall, Vanessa recently chopped off all her hair for her new film Gimme Shelter, in which she plays a homeless, pregnant teenager. As this blogger said not too long ago, Vanessa really couldn’t pull off the short hair, and it seems that she thought the same thing as well. Why else the sudden long hair?

Cutting your hair isn’t something you can just grab scissors and do, especially if you’re a big star who is expected to look fantastic at all times. My guesses for the new hair are that either she realized it was horrible or she’s doing another movie that requires long hair. What do you guys think? Fascinated by the sudden long? Miss the short? Let us know in the comments!