Vanessa Hudgens Gets A Ticket [PHOTOS]

Oh Vanessa Hudgens, looks like someone is going to have a pay a fine! And no it’s not for having a ridiculous hair do it’s for…actually not sure what it’s for. However, we do know that Ms. Hudgens was pulled over yesterday and given a citation.

PHOTOS: Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Short Hair

Now the question becomes what was it for? Let’s guess! Speeding? Broken tail light? Bad acting? Silly hair? They can really give you a ticket for anything these days.Vanessa has been a little busy bee the past few months. She just finished up shooting her newest film Gimme Shelter, which sees her go homeless and grunge, and she magically grew her hair out, probably cause she hates the short.

She is currenlty single and loving the life, but I’m betting she’ll find someone soon. She’s already rumored to be with a few guys and she seems like one of those people who needs to have a boyfriend. Not that that’s a bad thing, there are just those people that move really quickly.

Anybody feel bad for Vanessa and the ticket? Also, please take a look at the gallery and look at the shoes she’s wearing. If I had to attempt and drive in those I’d probably get a ticket too. Let us know what you think by tweeting us at @socialitelife or posting to our Facebook page.