Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Show Minimal PDA While Out & About [PHOTOS]

Vanessa's Hipster Style
Hudgens wore odd pants to breakfast in LA.
Austin Butler In Hawaii
The shirtless star paddleboarded.
Why does Vanessa Hudgens do this to herself? She has a nice face and a nice body, so why oh why does she insist on dressing like an old, hobo lady? Thank Zeus that her boyfriend, Austin Butler, doesn’t seem to mind. Vanessa and her man were spotted out on the town and not making out too much again! Insane, I know. 

Vanessa decided to sport some sort of structured blue shirt, a horribly unflattering black skirt with polka dots, this weird over-sized knit sweater thing, horrible brown and beige heels and a hat. I do actually like the hat. I just don’t understand. If she can go all pretty and Grecian for film premieres why can’t she do the same in normal life?

Launch the gallery and see if you find Vanessa’s outfit as horrific as I do.